How Can Bloomberg Law Help Your Practice?

May 9, 2018

Covering the Courts

Understand exactly where a case is headed with Bloomberg Law’s unique Dockets solution. You’ll have access to all bankruptcy dockets, which offer search functionality specifically designed for bankruptcy attorneys, including a drop-down menu that focuses on bankruptcy. Explore unique data, commentary, and analysis with Bloomberg Briefs. And follow breaking developments as they happen through integral news services like our Bankruptcy Law Reporter™ and BloombergBrief on Leveraged Capital & Distress™, along with many more resources. 

Combined together, this coverage enables you to advise clients using the most current, relevant information, on everything from the Bankruptcy Code and Bankruptcy Rules, through other federal statutes, case law and trends in the industry.

Explaining the Law

Dive further into the code with Bloomberg Law: Bankruptcy Treatise. Authored by leading practitioners, judges and professors, Bloomberg Law: Bankruptcy Treatise provides thorough and detailed analysis of the federal Bankruptcy Code, the federal Bankruptcy Rules, and federal bankruptcy court local rules. The treatise includes more than 600 chapters of constantly updated content from over 60 leading practitioners, professors and judges to confidently answer common and complex questions.

Explore expertise direct from the American Bankruptcy Institute through our exclusive partnership with ABI. From a monthly Eye on Bankruptcy webinar to the best ABI books and reference materials, you’ll always stay ahead of the latest developments.

Plus, Bloomberg Law® brings all of the primary and secondary sources together for seamless legal understanding.

Understanding the Markets

Discover a remarkable wealth of business resources that you’ll find only on Bloomberg Law. You’ll find detailed company information, docket tracking, as well as other tools that will help you identify troubled companies and transform their challenges into your opportunities.

Plus, Bloomberg Law offers company screener tools, including Bankruptcy Screeners, using data from the renowned Bloomberg Terminal, that allow you to identify new business possibilities while monitoring market trends.

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